Sam’s History

World famous Sam’s Bar & Grill History

Sam’s Bar & Grill first opened in the year 1999 and was located in the Historical district of Puerto Plata in Hotel Castilla.

Hotel Castilla was built in 1890 and was the first hotel in Puerto Plata. Due to deterioration of the wooden built icon Hotel Castilla was recently closed and Sam’s Bar & Grill was relocated to the gated community of Costambar and is now reopened to the public inside Loase Retreat.

Sam’s Bar & Grill has taken detailed steps to maintain its quality dishes and fun time atmosphere that was always remembered by guests.  We have even preserved the entire bar and much of the memorabilia to maintain the aesthetics from the past.  We kept the same chef, expanded the menu and raised the food  quality.

Good food, Good times and Good friends.

Hotel Castilla Historic Details

Back in the 70’s when Puerto Plata was just developing Hotel Castilla was established as one of the first hotels to open in Puerto Plata. They offered to the public the unique service specializing to the weary traveler. Besides having rooms for the night as low as 200 pesos they also had the only place to make out of country calls in which live switchboard operators would assist to connect calls. The use of credit cards was an uncommon method back in those days but Hotel Castillia recognized the potential and offered Money Exchange and Credit Card services to its Clients.

Many of the patrons that visited Puerto Plata in that time was a constant flow of yachts and cruises which would flow into Puerto Plata Port during those years. Uncle Dicks was the first restaurant to open its doors inside Hotel Castillo and was then was later leased by Joanne and her close companion SAM her Basset Hound. The name Sam’s Bar & Grill was then established with the name originating from Sam her dog.

SAM’S BAR Historic Photos

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Joanne provided great meals and fun times during her years managing Sam’s Bar until she became burdened with health issues. In 2008 Joanne passed away after selling the Sam’s Bar establishment. You can see a few photos of the old Sam’s Bar, the patrons and some photos of Joanne sitting at the bar.

Due to the deteration of the 100 year old Hotel Castilla, the hotel was closed and Sam’s Bar & Grill was relocated to Loase Retreat in 2012 to carry on its history for future decades.

SAM’S BAR new location in Loase Retreat

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Upon visiting Sam’s Bar & Grill in its new location in Costambar you will see many of the historic memorabilia that had decorated Sam’s Bar for so many years. The bar was probably the biggest task to move the 20 foot monster to its new location but it was carefully preserved to add the final details of Sam’s Bar history.

Come visit the world famous Sam’s Bar & Grill here in Costambar at Loase Retreat.